Why music slows down when you yawn

Some people have noticed that when they're listening to music through headphones and they yawn, the music slows way down. This might be due to a little thing called chronostasis. » 1/22/14 8:40am 1/22/14 8:40am

If you can make it through this video without yawning, you're probably…

We're really loving this yawn compilation exercise in sympathetic yawn repression. It's a video by filmmaker Daniel Mercadante (titled "Yawns," naturally). Assembled from clips of the best yawn footage the internet has to offer, it may be the most definitive proof ever that yawns are contagious. Seriously — we defy… » 2/19/13 10:43am 2/19/13 10:43am

Yawns are most contagious between family members

According to a study published yesterday in PLoS ONE, you're more likely to respond with a yawn to a family member's yawn than to a friend's yawn. (Be honest, how many of you just yawned?) » 12/08/11 2:42pm 12/08/11 2:42pm