Ten Science Stories That Changed Our Decade

There is no doubt that science has become more like science fiction in the past decade, with amazing innovations and discoveries that increased our understanding of the universe. We list ten of the biggest science stories from the past decade. » 12/18/09 5:30pm 12/18/09 5:30pm

Y: The Last Man

In a decade full of longform series with a high concept mystery at their core (See also the recommended Wasteland and Resurrection, as well as Vaughan's own Ex Machina), Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man stood out, in part because of the boldness of its high concept (What if all the men in the world -… » 12/12/09 12:00pm 12/12/09 12:00pm


One of our 5 Comics You're Not Reading But Should Be, Pluto stands out as a perfect example of how to reboot and resurrect old franchises in a decade full of attempts. But even those unfamiliar with the original Astro Boy will find themselves drawn into Naoki Urasawa's robot murder mystery. Unconcerned with repeating… » 12/12/09 12:00pm 12/12/09 12:00pm