Genetic analysis shows that the Yeti was actually a polar bear hybrid

Aw, shucks. Science goin’ off and ruining everything again for cryptozoologists. The latest blow comes from a UK geneticist who says hair samples from an alleged Yeti, or Abominable Snowman, actually came from another — albeit real — creature from the north: an ancient hybrid between polar bears and brown bears. » 10/17/13 11:20am 10/17/13 11:20am

Read the US government's rules for Yeti hunting from 1959

During the 1950s, oil magnate, adventurer, and cryptozoologist Tom Slick traveled through the Himalayas searching for evidence that a Yeti. Slick was obsessed with searching for cryptids, even going so far as to steal pieces of the Pangboche Hand, which legend held was a Yeti hand, from a Buddhist monastery in Nepal… » 2/27/13 7:20am 2/27/13 7:20am

Did bigfoot really exist?

In a manner of speaking, yes, Bigfoot did exist — although, perhaps not in the way many modern day cryptid enthusiasts surmise. In a piece written for Smithsonian's Hominid Hunting, Erin Wayman serves up the facts on Gigantopithecus — the car-sized quadruped that went extinct long before humans ever speculated about… » 1/13/12 1:20pm 1/13/12 1:20pm

Snowy Yeti Will Drag You Off For A Good Time

It's almost time for the snowy holidays, and what better way to welcome in the seasonal cheer than a movie about a monstrous snow-creature that will drag your bloody carcass back to its cave and feast on your innards? Warm up with a hot cup of cider and the poster for Yeti » 11/07/08 11:00am 11/07/08 11:00am, the holiday horror flick. The full monster…