Yoda hams up his death scene in more new Return of the Jedi footage

It's weird how all this lost Star Wars footage keeps popping up, but it's certainly fun. The newest find is alternate footage of Yoda's final scene in Return of the Jedi, which reveals Yoda was going to take forever to die before some editor mercifully trimmed it down. And there's a major revelation, too! » 10/29/13 12:10pm 10/29/13 12:10pm

The first stand-alone Star Wars movie could center on Yoda

A big, fat Star Wars rumor is circling the internet about the batch of Star Wars movies Disney is cooking up. We all know that J.J. Abrams is going to direct Episode VII, but the mouse house isn't just going to make Star Wars movies that continue on the Skywalker story. Disney has plans to make a collection of » 2/05/13 7:50am 2/05/13 7:50am

Yoda is selling Cup Noodles in Japan

After all the younglings kicked the bucket, Yoda attempted to recruit new Jedis with an ad campaign narrowcasted to the footloose twentysomething demographic. Or he simply followed the footsteps of our favorite DVD commenter. Also, how did he keep that giant teapot in his burrow? » 11/20/11 1:30pm 11/20/11 1:30pm

Are you as tall as a Dalek? Consult this 7-foot-tall science fiction…

Yesterday we discussed at what age it's appropriate to allow your children to watch darker science fiction classics. And once your kids get over their fear of Spock's eyebrows, you can chart their height on this nifty poster. » 3/29/11 7:30am 3/29/11 7:30am