Watch out: this book is dangerously addictive!

Have you ever had the thing where you're so absorbed in reading a book that you try to keep reading it while walking around on the street, only to come close to being hit by a bus? I had a bit of that with the new young-adult fantasy novel Half Bad by Sally Green. » 3/14/14 3:11pm 3/14/14 3:11pm

Young-adult science fiction tackles ethics. We think of young-adult novels as a fun ride, or as a vehicle for exploring alienation. But the American Library Association has a great list of YA titles with thought-provoking ethical questions, from Ender's Game to Sherri L. Smith's Orleans. » 11/12/13 4:00pm 11/12/13 4:00pm

The Mortal Instruments is like The Avengers of teen fantasy

Remember when The Avengers came out, and it was just so gleefully jam-packed with crazy shit? Like, they shook the bag until every last thing fell out? The Mortal Instruments is like that, except for teen urban fantasy. This movie has everything in it, and it will make you laugh until you pass out. » 8/21/13 9:00am 8/21/13 9:00am

Even if you're sick of teenage dystopias, this paranoid mind-wiping…

There is something vertiginous about a great British dystopia. Perhaps it's just that extra layer of distance between Americans and Brits. Perhaps it's just being culturally closer to seminal works like George Orwell's 1984 or, more recently, Alan Moore's V for Vendetta. Or perhaps it has something to do with… » 1/24/13 4:30pm 1/24/13 4:30pm

Deepest, Darkest Coming of Age Stories from Science Fiction and Fantasy

When it comes to discovering strange new worlds, there's nothing like a young protagonist venturing out into a world where it feels like absolutely anything can happen. Many of science fiction and fantasy's coolest stories are about coming of age — but coming of age, in the end, means losing your innocence and… » 8/06/12 12:10pm 8/06/12 12:10pm

WondLa: Probably Your Kid's New Favorite Science Fiction Book Series

Middle grade science fiction has always been a somewhat underserved genre, compared to young adult SF. Luckily, Tony DiTerlizzi's second WondLa book came out recently, to provide some great sci-fi adventures for the 8-12 year-olds in your life. » 6/06/12 1:41pm 6/06/12 1:41pm

The Most Interesting Fairy-Tale Adaptation of the Year

This is the year of the fairy-tale adaptation, from dueling Snow White movies to Grimm and Once Upon a Time. But quite possibly the most memorable take on fairy-tale archetypes isn't on any screen yet — it's Cinder, the cyborg Cinderella story by new author Marissa Meyer. » 5/14/12 11:19am 5/14/12 11:19am

Why Hunger Games Is The New Little House on the Prairie

At a recent New York panel on historical young adult fiction, a group of authors and moderators began by insisting that reports of the subgenre's death were greatly exaggerated. And yet, the truism that historical fiction is dead to teenagers is widespread in the industry. » 4/26/12 4:00pm 4/26/12 4:00pm

An artist depicts one of the most shocking scenes in Harbinger, the…

Locked away because of her strange waking visions and her nightmares, Faye is seeing a disturbing vision of the world's impending destruction — even as the real world beyond her walls is actually falling apart, thanks to an oil crisis which has caused chaos and mass rioting. » 2/02/12 12:07pm 2/02/12 12:07pm

Why Video Games Are the New Pulps

A couple of days ago, the esteemed Charlie Jane Anders looked at the dearth of new, sustaining pop culture heroes and villains. That, with the exception of Harry Potter, we haven't seen a new character with the perceived permanence of a James Bond or a Captain Kirk or Spider-Man — and she blamed it on a lack of a pulp… » 1/26/12 11:21am 1/26/12 11:21am

Angry Robot Books Launching a Young Adult Imprint!

Science fiction and fantasy are officially ruling young-adult books — so it's no surprise that lots of science fiction publishers have been expanding into the YA niche, with often terrific results. The latest addition: Angry Robot Books is launching a YA imprint, Strange Chemistry, headed up by Amanda Rutter. They'll… » 11/18/11 3:20pm 11/18/11 3:20pm

A New $5000 Prize for Children's Science Fiction and Fantasy in Canada

Canadian SF/fantasy authors, you have a new chance to get recognized for your children's and young-adult novels. The Monica Hughes Award, named after the late author of 40 young-adult novels, will give $5,000 each year to the author of the best science fiction or fantasy novel for children. The prize is funded by… » 10/07/11 3:20pm 10/07/11 3:20pm

The Next Hunger Games? Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking scores a movie deal

With the Hunger Games premiere date just around the corner, Lionsgate is already searching for the next big teen blockbuster. And they've chosen Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking trilogy. But will this dystopian society rival the blood splattered world of Katniss and friends? » 10/04/11 9:30am 10/04/11 9:30am

Top literary agent says it's not okay to be gay after the apocalypse

After the apocalypse, the scariest thing could be one gay teenager. At least, that's what one prominent agent who represents successful young-adult novelists seems to believe. This unnamed agent asked authors Rachel Manija Brown and Sherwood Smith to remove a gay character from their post-apocalyptic YA novel — or… » 9/12/11 2:45pm 9/12/11 2:45pm

R.I.P. William Sleator, pioneer of young-adult science fiction

The current boom in dystopian fiction for young-adult readers owes a lot to William Sleator, who passed away in Thailand a couple of days ago. His books were creepy, scary, and also filled with a relatable sort of dread. » 8/04/11 3:47pm 8/04/11 3:47pm

The Origins of Post-Apocalyptic Island America

When the continental United States becomes uninhabitable, the last survivors of America have to move to an island, in Anna North's bleak, beautiful America Pacifica. Here's an exclusive excerpt, in which some street performers reenact the end of our world. » 5/18/11 2:30pm 5/18/11 2:30pm

Read the first 6 chapters of Catherine Fisher's Relic Master

If you loved the post-apocalyptic prison saga of Incarceron, then you'll be excited to know Catherine Fisher has a new series, publishing monthly. We've got an exclusive excerpt for you: the first six chapters of Fisher's Relic Master Book One. » 5/17/11 8:30am 5/17/11 8:30am

A teenager goes in search of his dead girlfriend's alternate-universe…

I Am Number Four didn't exactly light the box office on fire, but that hasn't stopped Hollywood believing in the power of young adult science fiction adaptations. Now in development: Through To You, a parallel-universe love story. » 3/22/11 8:30am 3/22/11 8:30am

What would it take for grownups to love dystopian fiction as much as…

Our teens are living in horrible oppressive conditions — in their imaginations, at least. Dystopian fiction, which has never been more than a minor sub-genre in the past, has become a runaway success in young-adult publishing. » 2/22/11 1:22pm 2/22/11 1:22pm