Further proof that reality has become a William Gibson novel

While musing on Twitter about an app that could generate a "wholly fictitious but believable Facebook persona," William Gibson received confirmation (or at least, an anecdote) that reality is at least as weird as working for Bigend in his most recent trilogy. Here's what artist Greg Borenstein told him: » 1/30/13 7:30am 1/30/13 7:30am

The twisted, sexy, puppet-filled dreamworld inside Neil Patrick Harris'…

Neil Patrick Harris suffers from a little-known, yet incredibly goofy ailment: He dreams almost entirely in puppets (including the sex dreams). In order to raise awareness of this horrible, ridiculous disease, NPH has a new series titled "Puppet Dreams," debuting on Nerdist's YouTube channel on November 27th; you… » 11/21/12 11:40am 11/21/12 11:40am

Unmasking the "Real Life" Superhero Who Stopped a Stabbing on YouTube

Superheroes are, apparently, no longer a thing of comic books and summer movies. At least, that's the claim made by a new video that's appeared on YouTube, which is supposedly footage of a real-life superhero defending student Alex Cerneka after he was stabbed twice in New York last week. But just how real is the… » 11/29/07 7:00am 11/29/07 7:00am