Meet A Teenager Who Says He's A Swatter

A Runescape player was recently swatted while 60,000 people watched. When he tried to record a video about it, he broke down crying. A 19-year-old in Las Vegas was arrested for coordinating a swatting in Illinois. What motivates someone to take this dangerous step? I tracked down a self-professed swatter to find out. » 2/17/15 1:01pm 2/17/15 1:01pm

Why Five Nights at Freddy's Is So Popular

It's been called the "scariest game in years." It's at the top of iOS and Android app stores, it has torn up the Steam charts on PC. It has racked up millions and millions of views (and screams) on YouTube. It has hundreds of earnest fan games, and dozens of rabid fan theories. The Five Nights at Freddy's hype train… » 2/06/15 3:35pm 2/06/15 3:35pm

Some Poor Fool Challenged Disney's Gaston to a Push-Up Contest

The evidence that the people playing characters at theme parks are completely awesome and hilarious continues to mount. Today's proof comes courtesy of Disney's Gaston who does not suffer fools lightly. » 1/04/15 3:40pm 1/04/15 3:40pm

You Can Stream The Interview Right Now, Here's How

The Interview has had the craziest release story of any film in recent memory. But a crippling hacking attack, terrorist threats, and state-sponsored "cybervandalism" aside, the movie is now (finally) available to watch—and you don't even have to leave your couch. » 12/24/14 3:09pm 12/24/14 3:09pm

What People Get Wrong About PewDiePie, YouTube's Biggest Star

Four years ago, an account named "PewDiePie" uploaded a video to YouTube. It was about Minecraft. The video featured what sounded like a young man laughing heartily at an unlucky zombie that had gotten stuck in a tree. The commentary wasn't in English—it was in Swedish. » 12/19/14 6:38pm 12/19/14 6:38pm

Mad Max Fury Road/Road Warrior Trailer Mash-up

This is a nice exercise in film editing, and in comparing the new Mad Max movie to its predecessors. Youtube user Mad Max Dedication uses footage from Mad Max II that matches footage in the Fury Road teaser from ComicCon to make a trailer for The Road Warrior that looks really great. » 12/19/14 3:03pm 12/19/14 3:03pm

TrekCore's Youtube channel has been taken down due to copyright claims on its SD and HD Star Trek comparisons. In their post on it, Trek Core expressed surprise that a project that reflected so positively on the Blu-ray releases and had been shared by CBS' social media would fall victim to the takedown process. » 10/03/14 4:30am 10/03/14 4:30am

The Guy Who Hunts The Rarest Pokémon of Them All

Not all Pokémon are created equal. Some legendary Pokémon, like Groudon and Kyogre, feature more prominently in the games' stories. Other Pokémon, like Garchomp, have superior stats. And some, like Lucario, are fan favorites. None of those, however, are as coveted as the fabled Shiny Pokémon. » 9/03/14 5:25pm 9/03/14 5:25pm

I Love This Kittens Learning to Walk Compilation

Let's all settle back and watching nearly three minutes of adorable kittens learning to walk for the first time. » 8/18/14 1:09am 8/18/14 1:09am

A Biologist Debunks the "Bee Saves Its Friend From a Spider" Video

This video of a bumblebee "helping" a friend out of a spider web has been making the Internet rounds recently. The narrator asks for "experts" to tell us what's happening. And Dave Goulson, Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex answered the call. » 6/20/14 9:00pm 6/20/14 9:00pm

Law And Order: Game of Thrones Is The Procedural We Deserve

This unites two of the most epic names to ever bring ideas to television: Dick Wolf and George R.R. Martin. The only thing this video is missing is the absolutely necessary "In Westeros, the people are represented by . . ." opening monologue. » 5/18/14 8:00am 5/18/14 8:00am

"Three Cats One Meat" Teaches Us to Always Be the Middle Cat

This video might just contain all the answers to life. Three cats are given a single piece of meat, and while two cats play tug of war, the third just starts gnawing at the center. » 4/13/14 5:50pm 4/13/14 5:50pm

The (almost) entire run of Gargoyles is streaming legally on YouTube

Disney hasn't yet released the final season of its urban fantasy series Gargoyles on DVD, but it has made nearly every episode of the cartoon available online. There goes the rest of our week. » 2/13/14 9:20am 2/13/14 9:20am

A Note To Everyone Who Says YouTubers Should 'Get A Real Job'

Some people on the Internet haven't been too sympathetic to the YouTubers whose livelihoods have been affected by YouTube's recent Content ID sweeps. Boohoo, they say. Get a real job. » 12/13/13 6:55pm 12/13/13 6:55pm

We need more animations of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

There's plenty of attempts at providing fan animations for Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy's more famous scenes, but Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish, there aren't enough scenes from later episodes! » 12/06/13 12:26pm 12/06/13 12:26pm

Further proof that reality has become a William Gibson novel

While musing on Twitter about an app that could generate a "wholly fictitious but believable Facebook persona," William Gibson received confirmation (or at least, an anecdote) that reality is at least as weird as working for Bigend in his most recent trilogy. Here's what artist Greg Borenstein told him: » 1/30/13 7:30am 1/30/13 7:30am

The twisted, sexy, puppet-filled dreamworld inside Neil Patrick Harris'…

Neil Patrick Harris suffers from a little-known, yet incredibly goofy ailment: He dreams almost entirely in puppets (including the sex dreams). In order to raise awareness of this horrible, ridiculous disease, NPH has a new series titled "Puppet Dreams," debuting on Nerdist's YouTube channel on November 27th; you… » 11/21/12 11:40am 11/21/12 11:40am

Watching a YouTube video could help cure your vertigo

For a certain type of clinical vertigo, curing the disorder can be as straightforward as moving your head in a specific way — and thanks to YouTube, a lot more people are doing it. » 7/26/12 8:00am 7/26/12 8:00am