Damon Lindelof: Star Trek is hard science fiction, not science fantasy

Why doesn't Starfleet treat Kirk like a god, now that alternate future Spock has told them how many times his future self will save the planet? What's up with Spock and Uhura? Not to mention, with Kirk and Spock? We spoke with writer Damon Lindelof and Spock himself, Zachary Quinto, to find the answers to our Trek »4/26/13 4:54pm4/26/13 4:54pm

Zach Quinto in "The Search for (Someone Who Gives a Crap about) Spock"

I would have thought that between the Star Trek movies and Heroes, Zachary Quinto would be recognized pretty quickly if he walked down a crowded street. I also would have thought that if you went down that street and asked people if they liked Star Trek, there'd be at least one in 10 who did. Unfortunately, as Quinto… »2/01/13 6:00pm2/01/13 6:00pm

Leonard Nimoy explains why he couldn't resist returning to Fringe

Nobody expected Leonard Nimoy to return to Fringe the way he did last week — after all, the science fiction MVP had retired from acting. And the show had gone to crazy lengths to include his character, William Bell, without requiring his physical presence, including an animated episode and a "bodily possession"… »5/10/12 2:54pm5/10/12 2:54pm

Zachary Quinto and more familiar faces return to American Horror Story

The big mystery surrounding the second season of the wacky supernatural murder drama American Horror Story is which of the living and dead characters will be back. Creator Ryan Murphy has announced that Zachary Qunito will return for the second season — but not as the ghostly homeowner Chad Warwick. Spoilers! »3/03/12 5:30pm3/03/12 5:30pm

Secrets of American Horror Story, the psychosexual thriller from the Glee creators

There's plenty of buzz surrounding the new latex-humping horror series American Horror Story, but what's is this bizarre show really about? We rounded up every detail, image, screengrab, trailer, review and viral ad we could find, and squeezed out every precious piece of information from the heart of horror. »9/29/11 5:39pm9/29/11 5:39pm