Interior Design That Looks Like an Alien Nest is Covering Your Wall

Click to view »10/30/08 1:10pm10/30/08 1:10pmIf you've always wanted to decorate your house to look like a shinier, cleaner version of the queen's knobby, textured nest in , here is a template for you. Architect Zaha Hadid has created artistic interpretations of several buildings she's designed, and they all look like beautiful monsters and…


Haute Couture Spaceship Travels From City to City in Segments

In order to send a spaceship-like pavilion on a journey across the world, Zaha Hadid architects created this Chanel Pavilion, a portable 7500 square foot art venue that will travel from Hong Kong to New York to Moscow to Paris over the next year. The steel structure breaks apart into segments that are no more than… »3/17/08 5:41pm3/17/08 5:41pm