Top Ten Most Realistic Planets in Science Fiction

One of the worst examples of unrealistic science in movies is the overly simple alien planet. Oftentimes, our heroes will visit the desert planet, or the Irish planet. But the best extraterrestrial worlds in science fiction are the ones with variety and a realistic ecosystem. They have cities as well as countryside,… » 6/11/08 1:55pm 6/11/08 1:55pm


The main thing we learn about Zanak (from Doctor Who's The Pirate Planet) is that it goes where you want it to, thanks to giant teleportation engines and a hollowed-out core. But actually, when the Doctor takes to the skies and zooms over the planet's surface, we see a fair amount of different scenery, including… » 6/11/08 1:47pm 6/11/08 1:47pm