Meet the Scientist Who Is Solving the Mystery of Zombie Ants

Throughout the tropical forests of the world, there's a parasitic fungus that turns unwitting ants into "zombies." Just how the fungus is able to control the brains of its insect slaves is unknown, but Charissa de Bekker, a post-doctoral researcher at Penn State University, is determined to find out. We caught up with… »1/03/14 3:15pm1/03/14 3:15pm


Crowdfund Cinefex on the iPad, zombie ants, and monster school kids

The magazine that pulled back the curtain on movie special effects, Cinefex, is making its move to the iPad, and you have a chance to nab the entire digital archive. Plus, a group of scientists want to bring zombie ants to your living room (figuratively speaking), and two funny horror comics are headed to print. »7/28/13 3:00pm7/28/13 3:00pm