11 Horror Movies That Are Scary Because of What They Say About Humanity

We go to see horror movies to see terrifying monsters — but sometimes the scariest monsters in a horror film are the people. In movies like Carrie, opening today, the real horror is how terribly the humans behave. Here are 11 of the most misanthropic horror films ever made. » 10/18/13 10:09am 10/18/13 10:09am

12 Zombie Movies that Root for the Zombies

Earlier this week, we shared our 13 favorite zombie movies in honor of the latest Resident Evil installment, and most of these films have us reaching for a heavy, head-bashing bat. But what about those films where you want to see the zombie survive — or at least see a few humans fall to their rotting teeth? Here are… » 9/16/12 12:00pm 9/16/12 12:00pm

The Ultimate Guide To Scary Sex Scenes [NSFW]

When a zombie stripper offers you a "private" lapdance, you may want to think twice, if this can't-believe-they-went-there clip from Zombie Strippers is any indication. Nothing is more disturbing than horror sex. Here are 38 NSFW clips to prove it. » 10/30/09 2:00pm 10/30/09 2:00pm

Zombie Feminism

In a new indie horror flick called Deadgirl » 9/24/08 3:50pm 9/24/08 3:50pm, two high school guys find a naked zombie chick tied up in the basement of an abandoned insane asylum, so they invite their pals along to gang rape her. Hailed by critics as one of the best horror movies of the year, generated tons of buzz at the Toronto Film Festival for…

Take That, Existential Zombie Gutter Slut!

Picture this, if you will: Porn star Jenna Jameson is in a movie playing a stripper who reads Nietzsche, becomes a zombie, and, armed with her new theory of undead power, eventually kills somebody by shooting pool balls out of her superstrong zombie pussy. » 4/17/08 1:44pm 4/17/08 1:44pm

Zombie Strippers Will Lapdance On Your Grave

A reanimating virus gets loose in a strip club and starts converting all the performers into brain-hungry undead monsters, in Zombie Strippers, starring Jenna Jameson. You can tell it's a deeply subtle movie from the way one of the women says the film's title with so much gusto, in this trailer. And yet, the… » 3/24/08 6:30am 3/24/08 6:30am