Keep it in the Next Generation time line. I would like to see something like the Battlestar Galactica reboot..the Federation is in a war. A terrorist cell is destroying entire worlds and they are thrown into a conflict purely by accident. Or was it planned? The Enterprise would then have to police the universe..and play dirty. It should not be the dominant theme..but it would have parallels to our own war on terror now. Jack Bauer goes to Star Fleet!


What do you want to see from a new Star Trek TV show?

What do you want to see from a new Star Trek TV show?S

Earlier today, we heard encouraging news: there's actual talk of a new Star Trek TV series. With the show's 50th anniversary coming up, the timing for a Trek revival on the smaller screen might be good. But what would you want to see from a new Trek? Which era? Which timeline?

Top image via Planet by Hameed, Model by Ricky Wallace.