Download some of the year's best screenplays (legally)

Movie award season is upon us and, as part of their bid to attract nominations and awards, some studios have made their screenplays available online, allowing us to sit down with the scripts for Gravity, Frozen, and more. » 12/14/13 9:30am 12/14/13 9:30am

Pixar's latest short will make you believe your whole city is alive

If you see Monsters University this weekend, you'll be treated to Pixar's newest short: The Blue Umbrella. It's love story between two umbrellas who meet on a rainy evening, with a supporting cast of all the faces you see in the city's inanimate architecture and fixtures. » 6/19/13 9:20am 6/19/13 9:20am

First Clip From Pixar's Next Amazing Short Film, "The Blue Umbrella"

Lately, it's starting to feel like Pixar's short films are the best part of the company's output, especially after "La Luna" blew all our minds. This summer, we're getting another short Pixar film, called "The Blue Umbrella," in which a blue umbrella falls in love with a red umbrella in the middle of a singing rain.… » 1/07/13 3:50pm 1/07/13 3:50pm