It Wasn't Exactly Hovering, At Least Not In Any Way We Could Understand

We came over the crest expecting to see another slope of crumbling rock. But instead, we witnessed this. A city began to build itself before our eyes, as if awakened by our presence. A golden ring of heated rock detached itself from the regolith, floating and spinning, illuminating the incomprehensible process. » 9/23/14 5:07pm 9/23/14 5:07pm

Chris Foss Designed Totally Thrilling Rocket Sled Art For Flash Gordon

The 1980 Flash Gordon movie was a completely berserk masterpiece of weird visuals and over-the-top insanity. But it could have featured even more striking designs in one area: master designer Chris Foss (Alien, A.I., Jodorowsky's Dune) created designs for the Hawkmen's rocket sled that Flash rides, which weren't used. » 9/22/14 10:47am 9/22/14 10:47am