Are Lone-Wolf Terrorists Really a Big Threat?

The recent attacks in Canada have raised concerns about lone-wolf terrorists who operate without orders from groups abroad. Members of Congress say it's a "huge" threat that require pre-emptives measures. But experts say lone-wolf attackers are a rare phenomenon, and efforts to stop them are a waste of time and money. » 10/27/14 12:00pm 10/27/14 12:00pm

If You Want to Understand Cities in the 21st Century, Read This Essay

In 2008, a young model from rural Canada was brutally murdered in a Shanghai apartment building. The story of how her assailant was (maybe) caught, chronicled by journalist Mara Hvistendahl her engrossing essay And the City Swallowed Them, reveals how 21st century cities are changing the world. » 6/26/14 6:26pm 6/26/14 6:26pm

A heroine who went from burlesque dancing to crime fighting

During the Golden Age of comics, before the rise of the Comics Code Authority, crime was king. Newsstands were filled with lurid titles like Gangsters and Gun Molls, Prison Riot, Murder, Inc., Murderous Gangsters and their equally lurid covers. As obscure as some of these comics were, even more obscure was the one… » 2/13/14 8:00am 2/13/14 8:00am

A fascinating documentary on the history of poisoning and forensics

If you're intrigued by historical crimes and the birth of forensic science, you need to drop everything and watch this incredible PBS documentary, The Poisoner's Handbook, based on award-winning science journalist Deborah Blum's amazing book. It's streaming for free on the American Experience website. » 1/08/14 10:38am 1/08/14 10:38am