MST3K Has Found the Perfect Formula for Reviving a Beloved Series

Whenever a beloved project like Mystery Science Theater 3000 returns to life, there’s always the danger that it’s going to be a pale simulacrum of the original. Or so awful that it tarnishes the original version. But the new MST3K is uniquely positioned to avoid these pitfalls—not just because of what it was, but how… »11/17/15 6:15pm11/17/15 6:15pm

Warpo's Latest Toy Is a Creepy, Cuddly Krampus

We’re getting closer to Christmas—for many, that means presents, and for the young and young at heart, Santa. But now Santa’s fiendish friend from folklore is getting the spotlight in this adorable new plush toy from Warpo—the team behind the retro Legends of Cthulhu figures. And we’ve got an exclusive first look! »11/10/15 9:30am11/10/15 9:30am

Help Get the Webcomic Chief O'Brien at Work Out of Cyberspace and Into a Book

We’ve written about Chief O’Brien at Work, the webcomic about the true misery suffered by Miles O’Brien during his days on the Enterprise, before. But now you can support it on Kickstarter and allow him to move from digital to physical form, even if he still never gets to leave the transporter room. »9/02/15 10:30am9/02/15 10:30am

Want to See More LGBT Superhero Comics by LGBT Creators? Support This Anthology

Oath is an upcoming collection of comics featuring original LGBT superheroes written and drawn entirely by LGBT creators. The black-and-white anthology sounds massive: over 240 pages long with work from over two dozen creators. Oath editor Audrey Redpath just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. »8/17/15 4:20pm8/17/15 4:20pm

Here's a Chemistry Set You'll Actually Want to Experiment With

Chemistry sets used to be awesome. Today, a lot of them suck. But the kit pictured here (which, with 49 days left in its campaign, has already been successfully funded on Kickstarter) comes fully stocked with chemicals, equipment, and experiments. It’s the kind of thing your kid (or—screw it—you, yourself) would… »8/14/15 6:40pm8/14/15 6:40pm

Help Put the Amazing Hiroshima Manga Barefoot Gen Into Libraries

Publishing company Last Gasp has an excellent Kickstarter project running right now: it’s raising $36,000 to print 4,000 copies of Barefoot Gen (Hadashi no Gen in the original Japanese) into schools and libraries. Barefoot Gen is a manga first printed in the 1970s, and author Keiji Nakazawa drew on his own life to… »8/06/15 1:30am8/06/15 1:30am

Help Turn Brown Girl In The Ring Into A Fantastic, Mind-Blowing Movie

Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson is like nothing you’ve read before — it’s an intense tale of Caribbean magic and possession, set in a dystopian near future. It features characters so vivid, they live on in your head. And a story that keeps you frantically reading to see how it turns out. And now, it’s… »6/17/15 6:40pm6/17/15 6:40pm

These Art Books From Sweden's Suburban Dystopia Deserve Your Support

Here at io9, we’re huge fans of Simon Stålenhag’s artwork, paintings from an alternate Sweden where familiar landscapes, fashions, and vehicles stand against ominous power plants, futuristic robots, and the occasional dinosaur. And there’s currently a crowdfunding campaign for two art books featuring Stålenhag’s… »5/26/15 9:00pm5/26/15 9:00pm