Blizzard's New Video Game Series Overwatch Is Coming To Comics In A Big Way

Overwatch, the new shooter game from Blizzard, has already dazzled us not with its actual gameplay, but with its lavish announcement trailer that had us excited for an animated series about these kooky scientists and heroes saving the day. But we’ll take the next best thing: a bunch of comic books! »11/09/15 5:00pm11/09/15 5:00pm

Let's Break Down The Fantastic Spectacle That is the Warcraft Trailer

At last, after years of teasing, the first trailer for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie is here. If you’re familiar with the smash hit video game franchise, it’s packed with secrets, hints and Easter eggs. And if you’ve got absolutely no idea what’s going on? Well, we have you covered to as we take a deep dive into the… »11/06/15 5:45pm11/06/15 5:45pm

I Can't Get Over How Goddamn Amazing The Warcraft Movie's Stormwind City Looks

Following the briefest of glimpses earlier, it looks like we’re going to get a lot of teases for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie between now and Friday’s trailer. Although we’ve had the chance to already fly over the film’s recreation of the Human capital Stormwind City, this latest look at it is simply remarkable. »11/03/15 2:15pm11/03/15 2:15pm

This Star Wars Game Trailer Is Everything We Want From Life

EA just released a new trailer for their upcoming Star Wars game, and it looks amazing. Well, we already thought it did—but if you didn’t know Battlefront was a video game, this just looks like a crazy Star Wars trailer. Boba Fett! Leia! The Emperor! Oh, this looks fun. Battlefront will be out November 17th. »10/27/15 1:58pm10/27/15 1:58pm

The Exact Moment Star Wars: Battlefront Made Me Feel Like I Was Inside the Movies

Outside of my work here on io9, I tend to live and breathe two things: video games and Star Wars. Naturally, Star Wars games are right up my alley, and I was excited to try out the beta for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront this past week. I wasn’t expecting, however, for it to make me feel like I was actually part… »10/13/15 5:00pm10/13/15 5:00pm

The Heroes and Villains of The Force Awakens Are Coming To Disney Infinity

The new Star Wars toys are already hankering for your money in various shapes and sizes following Force Friday in September—but they’d still like just a little more of it. The Disney Infinity videogame is all Star Wars themed this year, and naturally that means they’re bringing some of their newest stars to figure… »10/12/15 10:40am10/12/15 10:40am

A Brand New Kids' Space Opera Series From Some of Your Favorite YA Authors

Voyagers aims to be a brand new Star Wars for the young generation, right while everybody is getting excited about the upcoming Force Awakens. There are six books coming out in the next year, written by people like City of Ember author Jeanne DuPrau and Skinned author Robin Wasserman. Check out an excerpt! »9/29/15 2:40pm9/29/15 2:40pm