Tuesday Game Room: The Witchering Hour Edition

Yes, it’s the week you’ve all been waiting for. Months of anticipation! Excitment! Yes! The next piece of Destiny DLC is finally out! Oh, and maybe also The Witcher 3, the latest sprawling RPG set in the world of Andrzej Sapkowski’s fantasy novels. Getting your Witching on? Come tell us in Tuesday Game Room! » 5/19/15 6:40pm 5/19/15 6:40pm

New Civilization: Beyond Earth Expansion Lets You Colonize Alien Oceans

Civilization: Beyond Earth—The Rising Tide expands, revises, and refines the original Civ: BE with new biomes, a brand new diplomacy system, and oceans full of resources and aliens that can be exploited and colonized. We talked with the lead designer to find out what this expansion has in store for Civ fans. » 5/19/15 9:40am 5/19/15 9:40am

One Of Pathfinder's Best RPG Campaigns Is Back, But With Sound Effects!

As the cornerstone of the campaign world of Golarion, Rise of the Runelords laid the foundation for much of Pathfinder’s success. Now there are more ways to enjoy the revised and expanded 5th-anniversary collection, with integrated encounters for Hero Lab and a custom sound effects set, so you can experience these… » 5/07/15 8:00am 5/07/15 8:00am

Tuesday Game Room: Out With The New Order, In With The Old Blood Edition

It’s time to return to Castle Wolfenstein (no, not that Return to Castle Wolfenstein) this week as the surprisingly good Wolfenstein: The New Order gets some more DLC. But that’s not all for this week’s gaming — come tell us what you’ve been playing in this week’s edition of Tuesday Game Room! » 5/05/15 2:03pm 5/05/15 2:03pm

Tuesday Game Room: Returning to Broken Age Edition

It’s been nearly 3 years, but at last, the second half of Broken Age, the game that kicked off the crowdfunded game development boom, is out this week. Did you back the kickstarter? Are you going to see what all the fuss is about? Come talk shop about all things gaming in the new edition of Tuesday Game Room!
» 4/28/15 3:47pm 4/28/15 3:47pm

Recover Memories Of Monsters Only You Can See To Survive Apocrypha

In the Apocrypha Adventure Card Game, the world is beset by monsters only some people can see and a looming apocalypse only some people know about. We talked to creator Mike Selinker about Apocrypha’s connection to Pathfinder, how it can be both a card game and an RPG, and what The Cure’s Disintegration album has to… » 4/23/15 8:00am 4/23/15 8:00am

Which TV Or Movie Adaptation Made You Ashamed To Be A Fan Of Something?

We all know that movie and TV versions of books, comics and games don’t always capture what’s truly great about them. But sometimes, they do something far worse. Which movie or TV version of a beloved story was so awful, it actually made you embarrassed to admit in public you were a fan? » 4/22/15 2:00pm 4/22/15 2:00pm

With Sincerity: I Want This Mass Effect Talking Elcor Plush Toy

Uncontrollable Glee: This is the best. Mass Effect fans are already fond of the alien Elcor, a race of massive creatures that preface all of their sentences with an emotion to convey tone (they also make great Shakespearean actors) — but I can almost guarantee they’ll be even fonder of this adorable plush version. » 4/20/15 5:11pm 4/20/15 5:11pm

One Man Is 3D Printing Models of Every Creature In D&D's Monster Manual

Want to spruce up your tabletop games? Sure, there are official D&D miniatures you could buy. But if you've got access to a 3D printer, you could make your own menagerie of beasts and bad guys to fling at your D&D group (As a DM, not just chucking plastic toys around), all thanks to the hard work of Miguel Zavala. » 4/14/15 7:41pm 4/14/15 7:41pm