The Biggest Gaming News from Gen Con 2014

The hobby game industry makes their biggest announcements and releases flagship products every year at Gen Con. Check out this year's rundown of the new games we're most excited about playing. » 8/22/14 7:30am 8/22/14 7:30am

A new age of science-fantasy RPGs dawns with Numenera

In the far, far future of Earth, the Ninth World is built on the technological bones of countless fallen civilizations. There are mutants, aliens, and stranger things slipping between the dimensions, and the unfathomable tech of ages past looks an awful lot like magic. We talked to designer Monte Cook and editor … » 8/30/13 7:00am 8/30/13 7:00am

The coolest things we saw at Gen Con 2013

This year’s Gen Con gaming convention featured a murder mystery, a demonic siege, record attendance and a truckload of exciting new releases that had gamers buzzing. Here are some of the coolest things from Gen Con. » 8/23/13 3:00pm 8/23/13 3:00pm

Steampunk Ghostbusters Cosplayers with a Dapper Marshmallow Man

We've seen tons of steampunk versions of classic scifi characters in cosplay form, but what makes this group especially great is that they've assembled a larger steampunk Ghostbusters team, including Gozer and a vest-wearing Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. » 8/17/13 2:00pm 8/17/13 2:00pm

What's Coming Next for Dungeons & Dragons and Forgotten Realms

Wizards of the Coast held an elaborate keynote address at games convention Gen Con this year to promote the big changes they have planned for Dungeons & Dragons and the Forgotten Realms. An all-star line up of authors will be shaping the Realms, and everything old will be digital again while the public playtest… » 8/29/12 1:20pm 8/29/12 1:20pm

The Coolest Games, Cosplay and More from Gen Con 2012

Gen Con is the biggest game convention in North America, held each August in Indianapolis — this year, it set a new attendance record, with a weekend turnstile number of 134,775 and more than 41,000 attendees. Feast your eyes on our exclusive photo gallery of amazing costumes, incredible games... and crazy gamer… » 8/24/12 1:25pm 8/24/12 1:25pm

Dungeons and Dragons Wants To Take You Back To Neverwinter

Most people are probably familiar with the Forgotten Realms setting of Neverwinter, from the hugely successful Neverwinter Nights game from 2002 — but it's actually a well-established city inside that universe, and Ground Zero of Wizard of the Coast's big push at Gen Con 2011. » 8/08/11 4:30pm 8/08/11 4:30pm

Chainmail Bikinis and Warhammer 40K Inquisitors: The Coolest Cosplay…

GenCon 2011 was a mass of costumes from every area of pop culture. Video games, movies, anime, RPGs, and comic characters brushed shoulders with tens of thousands of attendees. » 8/08/11 3:04pm 8/08/11 3:04pm

Sith cheerleaders The Homestuck trolls David Bowie goblin king A Master Chief takes a break A sandperson A…

All the Coolest and Craziest Stuff We Saw at GenCon!

GenCon is insane, there's no two ways about it. Between the exhibition hall, the thousands of games constantly going on 24-hours a day, the LARPing, movie-watching, seminars, writing, and just about everything else, it really is four days of overwhelming craziness. » 8/08/11 1:00pm 8/08/11 1:00pm

These pods were huge Battlemech VR simulators.

Star Wars and Marvel both launching tabletop games next year

At this year's GenCon, the big announcements on the floor were that two major franchises had just found new homes as tabletop games: Fantasy Flight Games scored a wide-ranging license for Star Wars products, and Margaret Weis Productions will be making a Marvel RPG. I got a chance to swing by both their booths, and… » 8/08/11 11:56am 8/08/11 11:56am

Wizkids planning two new Star Trek games

A revitalized Wizkids was at Gen Con last week showing off some new and upcoming games. Drawing the most attention were a pair of prototypes for two very different, very interesting Star Trek games planned for 2011 release. » 8/15/10 8:00am 8/15/10 8:00am

GenCon in photos: Gamers, cosplayers, miniatures, dice and more dice

GenCon brought thousands of gamers to Indianapolis last weekend, and with them some serious geeky fun and costumery. Here's our photo gallery of the most amazing sights. » 8/13/10 5:43pm 8/13/10 5:43pm

Gen Con: The epic tabletop gaming convention invades the midwest

Gen Con Indy is just two days away, and soon downtown Indianapolis will be swarming with over 28,000 gamers. Here's why tabletop gamers, LARPers and scifi fans plan all year for this massive event. » 8/03/10 12:40pm 8/03/10 12:40pm

Champions Online: Superheroes vs. Westworld?

Fans got their first hands-on experience of superhero MMO Champions Online at Gen-Con Indy last week, and some in-game footage has made its way online (see video below). Running around in tights and blasting bad guys with a variety of nifty superpowers looks fun, but why are all the heroes stuck in a Yul Brynner-less… » 8/21/08 8:00am 8/21/08 8:00am