How "Fair" Are Science Fairs?

Science fairs require more parental help and involvement than ever before, writes Hana Schank in The Atlantic. Filled with tales from the front lines, including the author's, the piece also explains the pros and cons of keeping this classroom tradition going. » 3/12/15 6:00pm 3/12/15 6:00pm

First Graders of 1988 Make Predictions for 2000

Kids are often some of the most interesting futurists. Their ideas about what tomorrow might bring usually include the most optimistic and far-out predictions of the culture. But they're also shaded by the fears and neuroses of their parents. The first grade class of 1988 was no exception. » 9/07/14 8:02pm 9/07/14 8:02pm

7-Year-Old Girl Writes To Scientists Asking Them To Make Her A Dragon

Australia's got its very own pint-sized Khaleesi in 7-year-old Sophie Lester of Queensland, who over Christmas wrote a letter to the national science agency CSIRO asking for a dragon of her own. Both the letter and the agency's response are so cute you're going to feel like passing out. » 1/09/14 9:30am 1/09/14 9:30am

Watch a 5-year-old just school us all in Geography

Boy Genius Arden Hayes appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show to make you all feel like a pack of fools. Especially when he starts telling Kimmel how Asunción is actually pronounced. What an adorable little whiz kid. » 11/07/13 7:17pm 11/07/13 7:17pm

Why Don't Toddlers Remember a Damn Thing? Asks Science

Researchers now have a hypothesis for the reason your 4-year-old niece insists on telling you the same story over and over every time she sees you. Alas, there are no new findings on how not to look bored. » 5/25/13 3:26pm 5/25/13 3:26pm

Jedi Younglings make their own awesome Star Wars: Episode VII

You know, when Jedi Younglings aren't being mercilessly slaughtered and having their bodies stacked like cordwood by Anakin Skywalker, they can make some pretty solid fan flicks. This potential Episode VII is action-packed, well shot and definitely family friendly — honestly, Disney could do a lot worse. » 5/06/13 3:40pm 5/06/13 3:40pm

The robots are the least insane thing about this production of MacBeth

Do you have a child you'd like to get interested in Shakespeare? Are you worried that the Bard's prose might be too indecipherable, or the plays too violent, or simply not interesting enough for today's kids with their iPads and Twitters and Biebers and Pokémons? Well, today is your lucky day, because the Robot… » 3/07/13 2:30pm 3/07/13 2:30pm

Hear what kids think of The Hobbit while you think of your inevitable,…

The Fine Bros. made one of their patented "What Kids Think" videos, this time pitting a wide assortment of children against one of the latest Hobbit trailers. I was all set to talk about how it's a fun look at the variety of reactions of those who haven't necessarily formed opinions on nerdery or Tolkien - some love… » 12/10/12 7:00am 12/10/12 7:00am

Buttermilk the baby goat is a total dick

Baby goats, or "kids," can typically stand and walk within fifteen minutes of birth. And if Buttermilk Sky*, the rambunctious little Nigerian dwarf kid featured up top, is any indication, they are fully capable of being complete and total assholes by around five weeks of age. Absurdly adorable assholes, but… » 7/31/12 11:30am 7/31/12 11:30am

The Creepiest Psychic Visions of the Future Drawn by Little Kids

Creepy children who can see the future are a mainstay of movies and television — and a surprising number of them are artistically gifted. Put a crayon or magic marker in the hands of a little prophet, and he/she will draw you a deathly masterpiece every time. » 8/10/11 11:34am 8/10/11 11:34am

The Talk: When is it time to talk to your kids about Star Wars?

Every parent frets over when it's appropriate to start talking to their kids about Star Wars. Here's a helpful Star Wars PSA to get you started. Remember — just say no to Jar Jar, kids. » 11/16/10 3:00pm 11/16/10 3:00pm