Swedish researchers create ‘an impossible material’ by mistake

In yet another example of scientific serendipity, Uppsala University researchers have created an unprecedented material with record-breaking properties. And most remarkable of all, this new material — which was thought impossible to make for over a century — was the result of an accident in the lab. » 7/23/13 8:00am 7/23/13 8:00am

Tomorrow's Material World is Being Built at the Molecular Foundry

The Molecular Foundry sounds like a laboratory out of a science fiction story, but it's as real as the rubber gloves sticking out of this metal-organic chemical vapor deposition tool. Last weekend, I went on a tour of this UC Berkeley facility, where scientists and entrepreneurs work at nanoscale, literally rebuilding… » 4/04/13 4:58pm 4/04/13 4:58pm

Nanoparticles Made From Bee Venom Can Kill HIV

Earlier this week we reported on the remarkable news that a Mississippi-born baby was cured of HIV. Now, as if to show the disease that its days are truly numbered, researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have shown that nanoparticles infused with a toxic bee venom can kill HIV. The… » 3/08/13 12:38pm 3/08/13 12:38pm

Nanocapsules could take you from sloshed to sober in a matter of minutes

Ever been drunk? So drunk you couldn't drive/speak without slurring/be trusted with a cell phone? Sure you have. Ever wished you could just sober up on the spot, without resorting to such humiliating (not to mention mythbusted) techniques as chugging coffee or splashing icewater on your face? Of course. But you can't.… » 2/19/13 9:00am 2/19/13 9:00am