How We'll Live in a Future Where Cities Have Become Forests

Tomorrow's cities may be constructed partly out of living materials that produce energy without destroying the environment. But what will transportation look like in a world where you can't tell the difference between cities and forests? We get some hints in these gorgeous images of freeways built over forests in… »3/07/13 6:42pm3/07/13 6:42pm

These ominous cloud formations could be of a completely new type

What you're seeing here is a cloud formation so rare that it defies classification. Meteorologists suspect that these are undulatus asperatus clouds — an entirely new cloud type that was proposed only three years ago by the Cloud Appreciation Society. The one featured here was photographed by Witta Priester in New… »3/01/13 12:20pm3/01/13 12:20pm

The First Pictures of Life in the Deepest Ocean Vents Ever Discovered

For the first time, we have pictures of life in the deepest hydrothermal vent ever discovered in the oceans of Earth. Hydrothermal vents are like the oases of the deepest ocean — they're areas where the freezing waters are warmed and enriched by geothermal activity like volcanoes. In this image of the… »2/27/13 5:33pm2/27/13 5:33pm

What are these mysterious structures in the southern Kalahari?

They look like alien incubation pods, but these massive grass-and-mud structures are home to a species called sociable weaver birds. Like bees, these birds live in hives together, collectively building them out of mud, grass, and other materials in their environments. In the southern Kalahari, they use telephone… »2/18/13 8:00pm2/18/13 8:00pm