Pixar's Good Dinosaur Trailer Blends Science, Fiction and Beauty

What if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs missed Earth? That’s the premise at the start of The Good Dinosaur, Pixar’s long-delayed family adventure scheduled for release later this year. A new trailer is now out and it begins to hint at the beautiful places that question can take us. » 7/21/15 10:15am 7/21/15 10:15am

The Brilliant Ideas That Didn't Make It Into Pixar's Inside Out

In order to create a film as well crafted as Inside Out, Pixar’s filmmakers come up with tons and tons of ideas, and plenty of gems (and oddities) end up on the cutting room floor. Here are some of the ideas that the Inside Out team developed to describe the workings of the mind that didn’t make it into the final film. » 6/23/15 11:20am 6/23/15 11:20am

Pixar Has A Brand New Masterpiece: Inside Out Will Make You Smarter

The concept of Inside Out sounds unbearably twee, not to mention borrowed from the sitcom Herman’s Head. We’re seeing inside the head of a young girl, where each of her emotions is a cartoon, voiced by a comedian. But Inside Out is actually a brilliant movie about the beginning of wisdom. » 6/19/15 8:00am 6/19/15 8:00am

Some Adult Emotions Are Just TOO REAL For Inside Out

Inside Out comes out Friday. When it does, we’ll get a look at the emotions inside the head of a girl on the brink of adolescence. And they’re great emotions! But many of us grow up to be sexier, weirder, and more resentful adults—and a lot of our emotions have no business in a children’s movie. Here are some of them. » 6/18/15 11:59am 6/18/15 11:59am

How Pixar Came Up With A Whole New Way Of Showing A Child's Mind

Even for Pixar, Inside Out is an ambitious film. After all, it’s largely set inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl, and tries to metaphorically explain all of the wonderful, frustrating, and confusing things that go on inside the human head while exploring a sort of emotional truth. So how on Earth did it all come… » 6/16/15 1:58pm 6/16/15 1:58pm

The first images of Lego's upcoming WALL•E set are unbelievably adorable

Back in February, Lego announced that it would be putting Angus MacLane’s WALL•E Lego Ideas model into production. Which is fitting, because Angus is actually a Pixar animator who worked on the film. And today, courtesy of the SmythsToys website, we might finally have our first look at the official Lego version of… » 6/13/15 2:00pm 6/13/15 2:00pm

First Look at Pixar's Hindu Superhero Short Sanjay's Super Team

Along with every Pixar film is the Pixar short, a delightful appetizer before the main course. For The Good Dinosaur, coming November 25, there will be Sanjay’s Super Team, from Pixar artist Sanjay Patel. The film combines the heroes of Patel’s favorite childhood cartoons and the gods of his parents’ religion. » 4/30/15 1:30am 4/30/15 1:30am

We've Seen Part Of Inside Out And It Could Be Pixar's Smartest Film Yet

Last week, along with other members of the press, we were invited to Pixar to watch the studio's latest short, Lava, and the first hour of the new feature Inside Out. We were delighted with what we saw: an incredibly ambitious film that maintain's Pixar's emotional core while introducing us to some fascinating ideas. » 4/06/15 2:00pm 4/06/15 2:00pm

Robert Downey Jr. Explains How Iron Man's Journey Leads To Civil War

Yet another Star Wars hero may show up on Rebels. Eve Myles talks about the possible return of Torchwood. Sasha may go to a darker place on The Walking Dead. Plus details on the future of Constantine. And hints for Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, The Originals, Orphan Black and iZombie. Hooray for Spoilers! » 2/17/15 6:00am 2/17/15 6:00am

Full Trailer For Pixar's Inside Out Is Even Smarter Than We Expected

We've seen a bunch of teaser trailers for Pixar's emotion-based film Inside Out that have been pretty cute, but the new, full-length trailer shows off that Pixar humor and cleverness we've been searching for. Because it doesn't just go inside a preteen's mind—it goes inside her mom's and dad's brains as well. » 12/10/14 9:57am 12/10/14 9:57am