The U.S. Congress Helped Make One Simpsons Halloween Special As Violent As Possible

Treehouse of Horror V isn’t just one of the best Simpsons Halloween episodes—it’s one of the best episodes of the entire show. But, even for Halloween, it was a surprisingly blood-laden and gory episode for the cartoon. Why? It turns out it was because of complaints from Congress. »10/29/15 1:07pm10/29/15 1:07pm


These "Minimalist" Simpsons Posters Are Absolutely Perfect

The Simpsons is often represented by clutter — the most famous posters for the show feature hundreds of characters, crammed into Springfield. But this show also contains a wealth of distinctive imagery, that stands alone. created a set of minimalist Simpsons posters, that are instantly recognizable. »4/08/15 10:00pm4/08/15 10:00pm

New Simpsons Fan Theory Is Intriguing, Really Depressing

If you talk to dedicated Simpsons fans, many will agree that the show peaked in the the mid-'90s, when the plots grew increasingly outlandish and fantastic. Others will pin the show's drop in quality to a point earlier in the decade, when it began to abandon its humanistic, grounded outlook for more joke-centric… »2/17/15 2:31am2/17/15 2:31am

Best Songs And Surprise Cameos From The Astounding Simpsons Live Show

This weekend, the massive Hollywood Bowl was taken over by The Simpsons. And even though we didn't get to attend, we can still live vicariously through the amazing video that's leaked out. So here's our roundup of the best medleys, ballads, and powerhouse performances by surprise guests like Conan O'Brien — who sang… »9/15/14 1:55pm9/15/14 1:55pm