Spider webs are literally attracted to some insects

Spider webs are well known to be excellent insect — and sometimes bird — catchers due to their mechanical strength, stickiness and numerous other properties. But research now shows that the webs of some spiders have an additional, hidden ability: Essentially, they can reach out and grab free-falling insects that have… »7/04/13 6:00pm7/04/13 6:00pm

Massive spiderwebs engulf Australian town as arachnids escape floods

You may have seen this strange tableau in Pakistan a wee while back, but it never ceases to be absolutely amazing. In the town of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia, rising floodwaters have forced uncountable spiders to seek shelter on higher ground. Sprawling spiderwebs have overtaken bushes, shrubs, fields,… »3/06/12 7:35pm3/06/12 7:35pm