Behold a Glorious Cavalcade of Monsters in the New Goosebumps Trailer

Our first look at the Goosebumps movie relied a little less on the monsters and a little more on the jokes. However this new international trailer, packed with a chunk of new footage, gives us a lot more monster-y goodness... and of course, more Jack Black cracking wise to go with it.http://io9.com/jack-black-fig... » 8/28/15 9:00am Friday 9:00am

The Young Joker Is Getting a Bit Heath Ledger-y in the First Gotham Season 2 Trailer

There are an absurd amount of villains being added to Gotham’s second season, most of which are featured in its first trailer above. But the real treat is seeing Cameron Monaghan’s return as Jerome, a.k.a. The Kid Who Will Probably Become the Joker, because he might be the character who actually saves this show. » 8/25/15 9:30am 8/25/15 9:30am

Bruce Campbell Is Racially Sensitive in this Great New Ash Vs. Evil Dead Trailer

Every morning when I wake up, I thank the deities I do not believe in that somehow the Ash Vs. Evil Dead TV series is actually a thing that’s happening, and that it looks so damn good despite it being more than 20 years since Army of Darkness premiered. This brief but excellent new trailer has only increased my… » 8/25/15 7:00am 8/25/15 7:00am

The Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse Trailer Is A NSFW, Kick-Ass Bloodbath

The new red-band trailer for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse is not safe for work. It’s also not safe for zombie cats, zombie heads, chests, strippers, jocks or anything else either. Pretty much, it’s an absolutely filthy destructive bloodbath and it looks freaking awesome. » 8/20/15 9:45am 8/20/15 9:45am

Everything In The Witch Trailer Is So Creepy, It May Ruin Your Day

I woke up this morning, made some coffee, watched the trailer for Sundance smash-hit horror film The Witch, and now I completely regret that decision. There’s no amount of coffee that can make one truly ready to see goats unnaturally standing on their hind legs or squirting blood from their udders. » 8/19/15 9:32am 8/19/15 9:32am

The SPECTRE Trailer Is So Much Better When It's Starring Roger Moore

Sure, the recent SPECTRE trailer was pretty damn rad. Daniel Craig is a pretty badass James Bond. However, anything and everything can be improved with an extra layer of classic cheese that is Roger Moore’s timeless interpretation of 007, as this brilliant trailer recut shows.http://io9.com/in-the-spectre... » 8/12/15 10:00am 8/12/15 10:00am

There's Lots of High-Flying Action in This New Supergirl Trailer

I still don’t know what to make of Supergirl. The effects look better than the run-of-the-mill CBS series. Melissa Benoist has a very likable innocence to her, and the ties to the other DC superheroes sound intriguing. But are we really to trust this character to the network behind The Big Bang Theory? » 8/10/15 11:20am 8/10/15 11:20am

Vin Diesel's Fake Beard Steals The Show in the Last Witch-Hunter Trailer

There’s a lot of silly fun going on, in this first look at The Last Witch Hunter—a movie where immortal Vin Diesel teams up with Rose Leslie and Elijah Wood to kill Witches and skeletal monsters. But seriously, the real highlight is his glorious, glorious beard in all the sequences set in the past. Look at it. » 8/06/15 2:14pm 8/06/15 2:14pm

India's Time Travel Comedy Has A Great Idea: Take A Selfie With Gandhi

This trailer for the new Tamil time travel film Indru Netru Naalai has a few things going for it. First, the time machine looks hella cool. Second, they draw diagrams, which is an essential part of truly great time travel. And there’s a song about using a time machine to go back and take a selfie with Gandhi. » 8/05/15 2:00pm 8/05/15 2:00pm