Watch Simon Pegg slowly lose it in The World's End's Gag Reel

There's nothing like forcing a great actor to remember a whole mish-mosh of random pub names, and then film him stumbling through the long litany of dialogue. And it's even better when it's Simon Pegg doing it. Check out the Gag Reel from The World's End, and wish that one day you too could be drinking buddies with… »11/20/13 6:53pm11/20/13 6:53pm

The Hunger Games finale Mockingjay casts a Game of Thrones star!

One of last year's Best Actor nominees might voice Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy. (No, not Daniel Day-Lewis, sadly.) Edgar Wright offers final thoughts on The World's End and new thoughts on Ant-Man. Steven Moffat discusses Matt Smith's final Doctor Who episode. Plus hints galore from the Agents of… »8/23/13 9:00am8/23/13 9:00am

How The World's End rejects 'drunken, misogynistic' manchild films

In The World's End, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost gather their former best friends to drink their old hometown dry. But when we talked to Pegg, Frost and director Edgar Wright, they told us how this apocalyptic comedy isn't like your usual "drunken midlife crisis" film. Plus the secret of using genre to tell a personal… »8/21/13 3:30pm8/21/13 3:30pm

Steven Moffat and Neil Gaiman preview Doctor Who's bold new era!

Plus, before Peter Capaldi takes over, there's still the matter of Matt Smith's hair. Edgar Wright drops some hints about Ant-Man's villain (or lack thereof) and the enemy in The World's End. What's next for True Blood's main vampire hunks? Plus Invertigo imagines a world with gravity... only reversed. Spoilers now! »8/21/13 9:00am8/21/13 9:00am

Just how does Cobie Smulders' Agent Maria Hill fit into S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Kick-Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson discusses the prospect of playing Quicksilver in Age of Ultron. Steven Moffat explains why John Hurt is so essential to restoring Doctor Who's essential mystery. Check out new Elysium, The World's End, and Kick-Ass 2 clips. George R.R. Martin confirms a Game of Thrones casting rumor.… »7/31/13 9:00am7/31/13 9:00am

Could Hugh Jackman join the Avengers? Is Star Trek 3 filming in 2014?

At least, Hugh Jackman wants to see it happen. Plus there are hints about how Thor 2 and Dr. Strange will fit into Marvel's movie universe. Check out a new Elysium featurette. Steven Moffat explains how Matt Smith and David Tennant will get along in the Doctor Who anniversary special. Plus new looks at Gravity and … »7/15/13 9:00am7/15/13 9:00am

Hints and Revelations for The Crow, The Giver, Maze Runner and TMNT!

The Crow comic creator joins the movie remake. The Giver gets a lead. Shredder gets a new backstory in the TMNT movie. Go behind the scenes at The World's End. Get a sneak peek at The Maze Runner and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Plus find out what's ahead in Teen Wolf, Arrow and the season finale of Defiance. »7/03/13 9:00am7/03/13 9:00am

Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright explain how their non-trilogy is a trilogy

Last Friday, we posted a new trailer for The World's End that hinted at how "The Cornetto Trilogy" (as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World's End) is actually thematically linked, but this new five-minute featurette explains the characters, the themes, the actors, and the ice cream treat that truly connect these… »6/24/13 2:45pm6/24/13 2:45pm

George R.R. Martin insists Game of Thrones won't catch up to his books

Jennifer Lawrence is back in blue in new X-Men: Days of Future Past set photos... but who's standing next to her? Check out the latest set videos for Godzilla and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, plus new trailers for World War Z and Carrie. David S. Goyer explains why fatherhood is so crucial to Man of Steel.… »6/11/13 9:00am6/11/13 9:00am

Crazy Rumors for Guardians of the Galaxy, Man of Steel, and Doctor Who

Could the villain of Marvel's big space opera be the ruler of one of its most famous alien races? Could a Man of Steel prequel comic set the stage for one of Superman's closest allies? Could a villain of anniversary specials past return to menace the Doctor on his 50th anniversary? Maybe not, but prepare for spoilers! »5/22/13 9:00am5/22/13 9:00am

Matt Smith and David Tennant chat about Doctor Who's 50th birthday!

Joss Whedon reveals what Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch will bring to The Avengers 2, while Edgar Wright explains why he’s waited so long to make Ant-Man. Aaron Eckhart really wants you to know about the hardcore stick fighting in I, Frankenstein. Plus Karl Urban previews Fox’s new robot cop show Almost Human! Spoilers… »5/20/13 9:00am5/20/13 9:00am