Doctor Who's K-9, Controlled By Your Smartphone, Is The Best Robot Dog

There's been a few remote-controlled K-9 toys over the years since the Doctor's canine companion trundled his way back into our hearts with the revived version of Doctor Who — but this latest version uses a smartphone app to give you the ultimate Robot Dog toy! » 4/01/15 2:16pm Today 2:16pm

This 10 Years Of Doctor Who Tribute Video Makes Us All A Little Weepy

If ever there was an argument for Doctor Who being the most emotional, jovial, weepy, maddening television series, this video is it. » 3/31/15 8:40am Yesterday 8:40am

Doctor Who's Rory Is Time-Traveling Again In The Flash/Arrow Spinoff

Arthur Darvill, best known as the companion of the Doctor's Companion Amy Pond, has joined the increasingly busy Arrow/Flash spinoff as Rip Hunter, a lesser-known time-traveling DC superhero. So two things of note here: 1) it looks like Booster Gold isn't part of the show, and 2) more Rory! » 3/31/15 6:43am Yesterday 6:43am

Tons Of Game Of Thrones Hints, Plus A Rumor That Would Change Everything

Simon Pegg talks Star Trek 3 rumors. An unlikely mutant has joined the cast of Deadpool. Plus, the latest on Constantine, and what's next on Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD and iZombie. Behold, Spoilers! » 3/31/15 6:00am Yesterday 6:00am

Arya Stark Is Coming To Doctor Who!

Yes, you read that right — one of Westeros' most beloved stars is going far beyond Game of Thrones and into time and space. Arya Stark's in the TARDIS! » 3/30/15 6:45am Monday 6:45am

Which "Lovable" Villain Is Actually Terrifying When You Think About It?

Science fiction and fantasy are full of straight-up scary villains. But then there are the lovable ones, who are too quirky and goofy to seem really threatening. They start to become part of the gang, even. But they're still horrible people. Which "lovable" villain is actually horrifying if you think about him or her? » 3/27/15 2:10pm Friday 2:10pm

The 12 Plot Ideas That Every Single Classic TV Show Did To Death

Making a TV show is a terrible grind — especially back in the day, when shows were entirely made up of standalone episodes. So it's no wonder that so many classic shows reached for the same handful of plots, over and over. Here are 12 storylines you'll find in every old science fiction and fantasy show. » 3/27/15 1:46pm Friday 1:46pm

io9 March Madness Final 4: Trek vs. Doctor Who, Marvel vs. Star Wars!

Today are the semifinals for io9's March Madness: Movies vs. TV. That means it's time to make picks for the grand showdown on Monday. So who's going to be? Star Wars or the Marvel movies? Doctor Who or Star Trek? Time to vote! » 3/27/15 12:00pm Friday 12:00pm

Because He's Smart, Sam Heughan Wants a Doctor Who/Outlander Crossover

Of course Sam Heughan thinks a Doctor Who/Outlander crossover. It's a perfect idea. Outlander's already got time travel in its plot, why not have the Doctor show up? Plus, we currently have a Doctor who sports a Scottish accent. It's a perfect match! » 3/27/15 4:00am Friday 4:00am

Hilarious TV Ads From The Dawn Of The Home Computer Era

The computer revolution didn't come into people's homes overnight. There was a long period when the public was still discovering all the things they could do if they owned a computer — and this led to some truly outrageous TV ads. Check out the most hilarious and creative classic home computer ads ever made. » 3/26/15 3:29pm 3/26/15 3:29pm

Why Christopher Eccleston Was The Greatest Doctor Who Star After All

Ten Years ago tonight, Doctor Who returned and changed the face of British science fiction. Many elements can be credited for its continued success, but one person can never get enough credit. Christopher Eccleston, who seldom gets his props, was really the best Doctor of them all. » 3/26/15 2:13pm 3/26/15 2:13pm

The Cutest Sock Puppets In The Universe, The Clangers, Are Back!

One of the weirdest things ever to air in British TV was The Clangers, a show about weird little creatures made of wool, who live on the Moon. (Doctor Who fans will remember it as the Master's favorite TV show in "The Sea Devils.") And now the Clangers are coming back after 40 years — here's your first look. » 3/23/15 11:05am 3/23/15 11:05am

In this interview with Armando Iannucci, the TV vet mentions that he's spoken with Steven Moffat about writing an episode of Doctor Who. Nothing's confirmed, but it could be a fun reunion for Iannucci and Peter Capaldi who before becoming a Time Lord starred on Iannucci's political satire The Thick of It. » 3/22/15 1:45pm 3/22/15 1:45pm

What's The Best Alliance That Both Sides Already Know Will End Badly?

You know things are desperate when old enemies have to team up in a last-ditch effort to save the day. And sometimes, war makes strange bedfellows. But the best alliances of convenience are the ones where both sides can tell it'll end in horrible betrayal. What's your favorite alliance that's doomed from the start? » 3/17/15 2:32pm 3/17/15 2:32pm

2 Secrets To Writing A Story That People Can't Tear Themselves Away From

When people talk about how to write a great story, you hear a lot about structure, and how to lay down the track so that the audience is swept along. But writer Frank Cottrell Boyce has some fantastic advice about the true secret of writing a story (or movie) that people can't get enough of: make it a collection of… » 3/17/15 1:41pm 3/17/15 1:41pm

Major Scoops For Supergirl, Doctor WhoGame of Thrones, Flash And Arrow

Just what could Batman's role in Suicide Squad be? Gotham's Cameron Monaghan talks about finding the voice of the Joker for the show. Bruce Campbell talks Ash vs. Evil Dead. Plus, teasers for what's in store on Person of Interest, The Walking Dead, Agents of SHIELD and more. Rejoice, Spoilers are here! » 3/17/15 6:00am 3/17/15 6:00am

Exterminate Your Stress With This Dalek Relaxation Tape

It's been a long week, but now at last it's Friday night. Which means it's finally time to kick back and relax. Here to help you do that is the supreme lifeform of the universe, a Dalek, who has some soothing words for you. [via Digg] » 3/13/15 10:44pm 3/13/15 10:44pm

Everything is Awesome with a Classic Lego Doctor Who console room v2.0

While it looks like we may be getting an official Doctor Who Lego set later this year, in all likelihood, it will be based off the current series. Which is fine, especially if it in any way compares to this absolutely glorious reproduction of Matt Smith's console room that somebody recently came up with. But some of… » 3/12/15 1:16pm 3/12/15 1:16pm

This Gorgeous Statue Imagines The Cybermen As Men Of Stone, Not Steel

What If Doctor Who's Cybermen found themselves upgrading to stone bodies rather than metal ones? It seems highly impractical from a movement perspective, but at least we know it'd look downright beautiful thanks to this new bust from Edge Sculpture. » 3/11/15 12:40pm 3/11/15 12:40pm

Nine, Rose And Captain Jack Return In Our Doctor Who #1 Comic Preview

Chris Eccleston may never return to Doctor Who, but at least the Ninth Doctor lives on in this new five-part comic miniseries from Titan. Titled Weapons of Past Destruction, it chronicles an all-new adventure with fan favorites Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness — one you can get a peek at right here! » 3/10/15 1:20pm 3/10/15 1:20pm