This Mission: Impossible 5 Trailer Is As Ridiculous As It Needs To Be

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, a.k.a. Tom Cruise's excuse to feel again, has released a big, bombastic trailer. And excuse me, but is that a GUN FLUTE? » 3/23/15 10:15am 3/23/15 10:15am

Just in time for spy week: CIA veteran Lynn Boughey and International Spy Museum executive director Peter Earnest's book Harry Potter and the Art of Spying, which analyzes the spy techniques in J.K. Rowling's fantasy novels, is free today on Kindle. » 2/11/15 1:50pm 2/11/15 1:50pm

The 10 Biggest Blunders in The History Of Espionage

In movies and books, spies are always debonair and brilliant, pulling off the most complex schemes without getting caught (too badly.) But in real life, espionage is a messy, complicated business, and sometimes people screw up. Here are the 10 most jaw-dropping screwups in the history of real-life spies. » 2/09/15 10:18am 2/09/15 10:18am

Red-Band Spy Trailer Is Full Of Swearing And Shenanigans 

Surprise! Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) and Melissa McCarthy made a spy movie called… Spy. The espionage comedy stars McCarthy as the new secret agent who runs with a gang to people who like to cuss and shoot guns. Take a look at the first footage: » 1/13/15 8:40am 1/13/15 8:40am

Meet The Modern Day King Arthur's Court In 6 Kingsman Featurettes

Kingsman: The Secret Service is a return to the world of spy-fi—the fun, gadget-filled, sexually deviant spy films where you just want to see a total lunatic try and take over the world. Six new character intros take you deeper into the new world. You guys are going to love it. » 12/18/14 2:48pm 12/18/14 2:48pm

​Spy Ravens Once Roamed The Sky

Government agencies have looked into using animals as secret agents, and have even wired up a cat to try their luck. But I think coolest-looking spy animal ever must have been a raven. » 6/30/14 7:30am 6/30/14 7:30am

WWII Propaganda Billboards From The United States' Secret Atomic City

During the 1940s, the denizens of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, worked for the Manhattan Project, developing atomic weapons in their government-owned city. They went about their daily lives in the shadows of billboards exhorting them not only to support the war effort, but also to keep quiet about their jobs. » 4/24/14 10:30am 4/24/14 10:30am

The NSA once banned Furbies as a threat to national security

Furbys are adorable and a bit obnoxious, but could they be used as fluffy little spies? The National Security Agency once banned the electronic toys because it feared that they would listen in on classified conversations. » 2/20/14 8:40am 2/20/14 8:40am

US spy agency launched this Earth-conquering octopus logo into orbit

It sounds like a joke, but this octopus, which looks like it might just eat the Earth, waving its tentacles over the slogan "Nothing is Beyond Our Reach," is the logo for NROL-39, the latest satellite mission launched by the United States' National Reconnaissance Office. » 12/08/13 10:00am 12/08/13 10:00am

Stuxnet has infected a Russian nuclear plant and the space station…

The problem with creating Stuxnet, the world's most sophisticated malware worm, is that it could eventually go rogue. Which is precisely what has happened. The US- and Israeli-built virus has spread to a Russian nuclear plant — and even the International Space Station. » 11/11/13 1:20pm 11/11/13 1:20pm

There is actually a term for NSA agents spying on love interests

And that term is LOVEINT. Although the NSA insists that the practice is exceedingly rare, officials claim that these breaches make up most of the incidents of "willful misconduct" by NSA employees. » 8/24/13 11:30am 8/24/13 11:30am

These Miniature Spy Cameras Could Make You The Perfect James Bond

We've introduced you some of the oddest vintage cameras before, but what if you're in the market for something smaller, perhaps something that could be hidden in a pocket or a cigarette box? Here are some of the great spy cams ever sneak a photograph. » 6/08/13 4:00pm 6/08/13 4:00pm

Mix vampires and espionage with tabletop RPG Night's Black Agents

As night falls on Belgrade, you and your team of special agents go on high alert. You've got the gadgetry of Bond and the competence of Bourne, but this is a shadowy international conspiracy you're up against: drug lords, corporate masterminds, bought politicians, crooked Interpol agents, and vampires. The bad kind.… » 1/10/13 9:40am 1/10/13 9:40am

Segments from 22 James Bond films cut together to form a single Bond…

James Bond movies certainly follow a formula, but could you smush every James Bond film before Skyfall together and form a single, cohesive movie? 50 Years of James Bond: The Movie explores the "James Bond Formula" with this massive supercut. It takes segments from each 007 film in order, starting with the first… » 11/11/12 2:00pm 11/11/12 2:00pm

Steampunk Spy-Fi: Real-life gadgets perfect for a Victorian Era James…

What if the majesty of On Her Majesty's Secret Service was Queen Victoria? We might not have had the same type of Cold War gadgetry that made Ian Fleming's novels and the James Bond films, but the 19th century had its own brand of wonderful toys. Here are a handful of gadgets and tools the steampunk spy might want to… » 11/10/12 11:00am 11/10/12 11:00am

10 Charming, Old-Timey Spy Gadgets

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy comes out in theaters today, injecting a little nostalgia into the techno-thriller spy genre. Although spycraft today involves computer hacking and surveillance drones, today we're paying homage to spy equipment from history. Some of it deserves respect for its ingenuity. Some just deserves… » 12/09/11 10:30am 12/09/11 10:30am

What if Where's Waldo was a high-tech espionage thriller?

Given that we live in a world where Battleship is going to the multiplex, I suppose we shouldn't be surprised that someone's imagined a mature audiences Where's Waldo flick. The best moments are the sniper sequence and the guest spot by The Waldog (or whatever the hell he's called). » 9/14/11 4:05pm 9/14/11 4:05pm

Spies want to mine your tweets for signs of the next tsunami

The intelligence community has seen the future, and the future is Google Trends. Actually, more like a highly sophisticated version of Google Trends, with Twitter and YouTube thrown in for good measure. » 7/10/11 7:30am 7/10/11 7:30am

NSA declassifies 200-year-old book

A cryptology instruction book…202 years old. A photograph of the U.S. Army's cypher bureau...from 1919. A breakdown of Russian electoral districts...circa 1948. Schematics for a magnetic tape memory system...nearly half a century old. » 6/12/11 9:40am 6/12/11 9:40am

The Indian James Bond speaks in indecipherable code 24/7

These Indian James Bond comics are devoid of context and proper translation, but they're better that way. After all, it's a spy's job to act mysterious, and I honestly have no idea what the hell's going on here. Semi-NSFW. » 8/17/10 4:10pm 8/17/10 4:10pm