The US Government is Being Sued for Losing a Critical JFK Assassination Film

The Zapruder film may be the most famous footage taken of the Kennedy assassination, but it’s not the only one. The “Nix Film” may be lesser known, but it’s no less important. It has been missing for decades, so the granddaughter of the photographer who captured the film is now suing the US government. She wants it… »Monday 8:00pm11/23/15 8:00pm

Oh God, Frank Miller Is Going to Write a Dark Knight Returns IV, Too

Dark Knight 3: The Master Race isn’t even out yet, but co-writer Frank Miller has already announced that the trilogy has turned into a quadrilogy. Miller told Newsarama that “after he reads DK3 in full, he intends to create his own fourth chapter” which, frankly, is terrifying on about eight different levels. »11/17/15 6:00pm11/17/15 6:00pm

The Most Ludicrous James Bond Supervillain Schemes Of All Time

James Bond is known for his insane gadgets, but also for his totally unglued villains. When it comes to Rube Goldberg schemes, James Bond’s enemies reign supreme. To prove it, we’ve got a clip where Blofeld hypnotizes a woman to love chickens. It’s just one of the most insane James Bond villain plots of all time. »11/06/15 12:08am11/06/15 12:08am

The First Avatar Cirque du Soleil Photos Will Haunt Your Dreams

Remember Avatar? That 3D, James Cameron movie that’s still the highest grossing film of all-time yet no one talks about it? Well, last year, it was announced the masters of acrobatic spectacle at Cirque du Soleil would be turning the James Cameron flick into a brand new show. Here’s our first look at what it’ll look… »11/04/15 4:00pm11/04/15 4:00pm

Oh No, There's Going To Be More Of Those Horrifying Thomas The Tank Engine/DC Comics Mashup Toys

Earlier this year at San Diego Comic Con, Mattel and DC came together to share with the world a nightmarish vision: a set of Thomas the Tank Engine toy trains that were actually train versions of DC superheroes. We thought they were safely confined to convention exclusives, but you can’t keep monsters contained for… »11/03/15 5:35pm11/03/15 5:35pm

This Is the Dumbest Batman V. Superman Rumor of All Time (So Far)

When there’s a movie as big as Batman v Superman on the way, all sorts of wild and wonderful rumors make their way onto the web. Who’s in it? Who are the villains? Are there other superhero cameos? Then there’s the absolute crazy ones, like this: What if Ben Affleck’s Batman... wasn’t really Batman at all? »10/28/15 12:30pm10/28/15 12:30pm

The Outlander Coloring Book Is An Actual Thing That Exists

Don’t take that header as me being dismissive—the current “Adult coloring book” boom is a very real thing, and even Game of Thrones is getting in on it. But holy cow, Diana Gabaldon wrote an Outlander coloring book filled with gorgeous art for you to fill in. What a time to be alive! I hope you remembered what color… »10/27/15 5:30pm10/27/15 5:30pm