These Frozen Lion Cubs Were Just a Few Weeks Old When They Died 12,000 Years Ago

Russian scientists have displayed the remains of two ancient cave lion cubs found preserved in permafrost. Dubbed Uyan and Dina, the unfortunate pair died just a few weeks after birth. Scientists say they’re the most complete remains of this extinct species ever found—whiskers and all. »11/17/15 11:30am11/17/15 11:30am

Fossil With Preserved Tail Feathers and Skin Reveals Dinosaur Plumage Patterns

An undergraduate student from the University of Alberta has uncovered the fossilized remains of an Ornithomimus dinosaur with preserved tail feathers and soft tissue. The remarkable specimen is offering important insights into the plumage patterns of these ancient creatures, while tightening the linkages between… »11/02/15 3:34pm11/02/15 3:34pm

Incredible Fossil of an Ancient Horse Still Contains Its Unborn Foal

Paleontologists in Germany have identified the fossilized remains of a horse-like animal that dates back 48 million years. Remarkably, the fossil still contains its unborn foal and traces of soft tissue—leading scientists to call it the earliest and best-preserved specimen of its kind. »10/08/15 10:39am10/08/15 10:39am

Pterodactyls Are Not Dinosaurs.  So What The Hell Are They?

Pterodactyls lived at the same time as the dinosaurs—but somehow, they’re not actually dinosaurs. They were flying creatures, and paleontologists keep telling us that dinosaurs are birds. But still, we’re supposed to call pterodactyls “pterosaurs.” This feels like a trick—why aren’t pterodactyls dinosaurs? »7/24/15 2:11pm7/24/15 2:11pm

Two fossilized teeth (pictured above, left and center), recovered in Nagasaki, are believed to be fr

Two fossilized teeth (pictured above, left and center), recovered in Nagasaki, are believed to be from the lower jaw of a ten-meter tyrannosaur that lived some 81-million-years ago. Teeth from smaller tyrannosaurs have been found in Japan before, but this is reportedly the first evidence that so large a predator… »7/14/15 7:30pm7/14/15 7:30pm