A scholarly zombie is forced to aid a princess of thieves in her quest

Sette Frummagem and Duane Adelier are an unlikely pair of traveling companions. She is the young daughter of the head of a criminal family, quick with a lie or a boast, eager to liberate money from its rightful owner, and oddly gifted with a lion's tail and a nose that can sniff out things that no one else can smell.… »12/21/13 11:30am12/21/13 11:30am

Two souls form a strange friendship on an island in a river to Hell

Like so many other souls living in the world of the webcomic Judecca (NSFW), Sharky lives a shabby life, spending his days in Sisyphean labor and his evenings with too little warmth and too little food in the company of his rabbit roommate, while his own body becomes more like a shark's. But when a mysterious mute… »12/14/13 11:30am12/14/13 11:30am

Disaster interrupts an alien mission to rescue the human race

The Fiah's Exodus mission is a noble one, to remove sentient races from their doomed planet and relocate them to a safer preserve. But Ethma and Endi's assignment on Earth is troubled from the start, though their crew of accidental human stowaways is the least of their problems when the entire Exodus mission takes a… »12/07/13 11:30am12/07/13 11:30am

A teen with no vices develops a crush that turns creepy in The Stiff

Alistair Toth is a stiff. The high school-aged horror devotee doesn't just shun alcohol and pot; he also insists that he possesses no romantic or sexual urges—at least until he develops a crush on the new girl in his school. But after a bout of self-hypnosis, Alistair begins noticing strange changes in his body, ones… »11/23/13 11:30am11/23/13 11:30am

It Will All Hurt is like a stream-of-consciousness Adventure Time

Farel Dalrymple's It Will All Hurt is not a webcomic for those looking for an easily distilled plotline or characters whose motivations are instantly clear. Instead, it's a beautifully watercolored, dream-like post-apocalyptic adventure, one that invites you to sit back and drift through its fantasy world—and manages… »11/16/13 11:30am11/16/13 11:30am

What happens when technology comes to kick fantasy's ass?

The webcomic Black Rose is a tale of two nations. Ishtakar is a realm of the magic-using handwavers, while Athelica is a growing industrialized country, feeling the power of its guns and trains. But as tensions between the nations grow more violent, two siblings—a soldier and a high-class lady—find themselves caught… »11/09/13 11:30am11/09/13 11:30am

An aspiring doctor must solve a ghostly mystery to stop a plague

Anya Katsukova is a passionate young physician in training who thinks only of her work—at least until a mysterious stranger is found half-dead in the woods. When a horrific plague follows on his heels, Anya must rely not only on science, but also learn the spiritual mysteries of her world, to save the people who rely… »10/26/13 11:30am10/26/13 11:30am

A drug that lets people share dreams leads to a deadly mystery

Max Miller Dowdle's webcomic Shattered With Curve of Horn opens on married couple Matthew and Caitlin getting ready for Matthew's art show and a tense reunion with Pierce, an old friend recently released from prison. But Pierce doesn't just want to reconnect, he wants to know what happened the night years ago when the… »10/19/13 11:30am10/19/13 11:30am

A young Finnish man and his dog get stuck in a fox spirit's dream

While guiding the Aurora Borealis across the sky, a mischievous young fox spirit accidentally traps an entire Finnish town in a land of slumber. Now the only hope for restoring everything to normal is Hannu, a grouchy young slacker, and his faithful dog Ville, who must convince their fellow villagers to return to the… »9/28/13 11:30am9/28/13 11:30am

At school for angels and demons, one devil just wants to do good

At St. Swithern's Middle School, angels and demons mingle freely in the hallways. But little Diva Beelze doesn't fit in with the angels on account of her horns and doesn't fit in with the devils thanks to her persistent desire to do good. And she's totally unprepared when she comes into possession of a power that goes… »9/21/13 11:30am9/21/13 11:30am

Two frightened dogs search for their home at the end of the world

During a thunderstorm, a lot of dogs may think the world is ending, but in Jen Lee's webcomic Thunderpaw, two dogs are faced with a bona fide cataclysm. After being left in a car by their owners, they must gather all of their strength to survive the trippy horrors of the crumbling world and find their way home. »9/14/13 11:30am9/14/13 11:30am