Unseen Photos From The Battle Of The Bulge Found In Foxhole [Updated]

In December of 1944, the Nazis launched a massive assault against Allied forces on the Western Front. Among the 89,000 US casualties was a solider who left his camera behind in the foxhole where he was taking refuge. Now, 70 years later, the camera — and the photos in it — have been recovered. » 7/04/14 6:00pm 7/04/14 6:00pm

How Tiny Details in Paintings Reveal a Secret History of Books

Most books do not survive for more than a century, and we know very little about what people's everyday reading experiences were like over the past 500 years. Luckily, says the British Library, we can look to classical paintings. There, we find images of people reading — and pictures of what typical books looked like. » 7/01/14 3:30pm 7/01/14 3:30pm

Wooden Chariots Unearthed At 4000-Year-Old Burial Site In Georgia

Archaeologists in the country of Georgia have discovered an ancient burial site that dates all the way back to the Early Bronze Age. Entombed within the chamber, which researchers say was intended for a chief, were seven bodies, a variety of ceremonial artifacts, and two well-preserved chariots, each with four wooden… » 6/28/14 12:00pm 6/28/14 12:00pm

Captain Blackadder And Private Baldrick Actually Served In WWI

One of the all-time great British comedy series, Blackadder, featured Rowan Atkinson and a cast of goofball characters set in different historical periods. And now a military genealogy website has tracked down the real-life counterparts of the characters who appeared in the series' WWI finale, Blackadder Goes Forth. » 6/26/14 8:40am 6/26/14 8:40am

How Did This Ancient Civilization Avoid War for 2,000 Years?

The Harappan civilization dominated the Indus River valley beginning about five thousand years ago, many of its massive cities sprawling at the edges of rivers that still flow through Pakistan and India today. But its culture remains a mystery. Why did it leave behind no representations of great leaders, nor of… » 6/24/14 5:22pm 6/24/14 5:22pm

That Time J.M. Barrie Founded A Truly Atrocious Cricket Club

There are all sorts of literary friendships in history. J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. Jack Kerouac, Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg. The Algonquin Round Table. But they usually restricted themselves to literary pursuits. Not so with J.M. Barrie's cricket team, which was packed with famous names and almost no athletic… » 6/24/14 4:30am 6/24/14 4:30am

An Archaeologist Excavates a Hippie Commune, Preserved in 1969 by Fire

In 79 AD, the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius covered Pompeii in ash, preserving the city for millennia. In 1969 AD, a fire broke out at the mansion of the famed Chosen Family commune north of San Francisco. Most of the possessions were left behind—providing archaeologists with a one-of-a-kind time capsule of hippie life. » 6/18/14 10:08am 6/18/14 10:08am