Behold the Beauty of This Bouncing Blob of Liquid Loveliness on the Space Station

Astronauts on the International Space Station have stepped up the entertainment factor of their fluid dynamics antics. They’ve added food colouring to the already-excellent combination of zero gravity, water droplet, and antacid tablet, creating a sparkly disco ball of pure joy. »10/09/15 4:15pmYesterday 4:15pm

Proof That a Live-Action Crisis on Infinite Earths Is Just Too Awesome to Ever Exist

Some unknown artist assembled what a promotional poster for a live-action version of the seminal comic saga Crisis on Infinite Earths might look like, if it incorporated all of DC’s live-action entertainment—shows, movies, serials from te ‘40s, everything. The result is stunning. »9/23/15 4:46pm9/23/15 4:46pm

Step Aboard the Enterprise-D in This Amazing Star Trek Virtual Reality Demo

The current VR boom in technology has given us some pretty spectacular moments. Headsets like the Oculus Rift or HTC’s Vive even have entertainment giants planning content using them to create immersive experiences. That’s cool, sure. But none of that lets you wander around the Enterprise-D in awe, does it? »9/21/15 4:40pm9/21/15 4:40pm